History & Pedigree
King's Home Furnishing Co. (KHF), established since 1987, is the pioneer home furnishing retailer and a major contract supplier to the trade.
HF has opened an impressive showroom, situated in the heart of Island East of Hong Kong, where specifically designed to show their furniture and furnishings products to best advantage. The Company provides a range of furnishings services, which cover the entire life-cycle of project.
King's Project Management Ltd. (KPM) was established in 1993 to support the Company's on-going and future projects in the Far East. KPM specializes in quality residential interior design, along with commercial and hospitality projects and provides consulting services to noted architects in Hong Kong. Professional Services
King's Home Furnishing Co. is a showroom for interior designers, architects and landlords, where provide interior product information on fabric, wallpaper, carpet and accessories related to interior decoration. We also provide comprehensive packages comprising layout design, general consultation, right down to after-sales services to give our customers the best possible within their budget. There are a real one stop-shopping complex for home-related product.
King's Project Management Ltd. is a specialist service provider delivering innovative and professionally managed interior fit-out contracts. Our service cover all aspects of the design spectrum, from the conceptual stage, through working and presentation drawings, to implementing the project and overseeing its final completion.
Over the years, we have grown steadily and accumulated experience from varied project in both residential and commercial property. From apartments to luxury hotels, their designers have matched owners, expectation with pleasing results. Mission KHF's watchwords are innovation, flexibility and client satisfaction. We provide high quality interior products and the best furnishing services to their valued customers. We believe that Life style is how you change it.
King's philosophy is "Image, function and financial realities". The three objectives assure the clients that quality construction result is achieved. Image is important because it defines the business. Functionality of a space influences its productivity and value to its occupancies. These define the methodology that brings forth the design solution to transform a space that articulates creativity, economy and commitment to the clients and the design process.
King's 美屋公司,於1987年成立,是家居裝飾界的翹楚。亦為同業的主要供應商。
King's 美屋公司開設了一個令人印象深刻的展示廳,坐落於港島東港,在那裡專門用來展示自己的家具和陳設品,以最有利的地段。提供一系列的家具服務,涵蓋項目包括整個家居的設備。 京士建設有限公司成立於1993年,以支持公司的持續和遠東地區未來的項目。 KPM專門從事優質住宅的室內設計,以及商業及酒店項目,並提供諮詢服務予香港著名的建築師。
京士建設有限公司是一家擁有享譽盛名的室內設計師,專才為建築師和業主,提供面料,窗簾,牆紙,地毯以及與室內裝飾配件產品信息。我們還提供全面的配件,包括版面設計,一般的諮詢,一直到售後服務,以客人的預算範圍內為客戶提供最好的一站式家居專業服務。 京士建設有限公司是一家專業服務提供創新和專業化管理的室內裝修合同公司。我們的服務涉及設計領域,從概念階段,通過工作和展示圖紙,實施該項目,並監督其最終完成的各個方面。
京士建設有限公司的口號是創新性,靈活性和客戶滿意度。我們對尊貴的客戶提供高品質裝飾產品和最好的家具服務。我們認為生活方式是可以進步及改變的。 KMP的理念是“設計,創新和經濟理念” 。這三個目標,確保施工質量符合客戶的要求。
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